What is Wasteful Dissipation in a Divorce Case?

Finances are a big point of contention for many spouses, so it is certainly no surprise that this is often a major underlying or primary cause of divorce for many couples. Wasteful dissipation of marital assets, however, goes well beyond being a little financially irresponsible though. In some cases, wasteful dissipation may even be an act of revenge against a spouse in anticipation of a divorce. If you believe your spouse wasted marital assets, you will need a skilled family law attorney on your side to ensure you receive the assets that are yours.

Understanding the Impact of Wasteful Dissipation of Marital Assets

Wasteful dissipation can come in many forms, but it must always involve a substantial sum of assets for it to have a real impact on your divorce case. Moreover, your spouse’s behavior must be out of the ordinary. If your spouse was always irresponsible with money and a frivolous spender, you may have a difficult time providing wasteful dissipation.

Below are some common forms of wasteful dissipation of marital assets:

  1. Using marital assets to support an extramarital affair
  2. Excessive spending on drugs and alcohol
  3. Excessive gambling
  4. Failing to protect assets on purpose

If the amount involved is not significant, a judge may not consider your spouse’s behavior an example of wasteful dissipation. For example, even if your spouse took someone else out to dinner, the movies, or even purchased a few minor and inexpensive gifts for an extramarital affair, if the sum involved was not substantial, it is unlikely it will have any impact on your case.

However, if you are successful in proving wasteful dissipation, a judge may award you a larger share of marital assets to make up for the amount your spouse spent.

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