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When people hear the term “prenuptial agreement,” the conception that usually comes to mind is often negative. This is because social media and gossip tabloids often highlight celebrity marriages and divorces, and in the process, they depict prenuptial arrangements as agreements only made by greedy superstars squabbling over their millions of dollars. In reality, however, there are many reasons why it would be prudent for individuals to carefully consider getting premarital agreements, since it can help protect families and their assets, both in the present and future.

Since it can be challenging to determine how to define one’s marital obligations and property divisions, especially in an area which is often emotional and sensitive to involved parties, reach out to our Louisville prenuptial agreement lawyers for support. You can trust Winner Law Group, LLC to provide knowledgeable experience and careful tact during a consultation regarding these crucial agreements before your marriage.

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Key Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements for Louisville Couples

Many individuals tend to question whether it is actually necessary to have a prenuptial agreement, since on the surface, it might appear like they are preparing to get a divorce. While it is of course better to be safe than sorry, it is important to remember that prenuptials do not have to be viewed as a negative prophecy of the future. Those who usually benefit from prenuptials often have children from another marriage and having an agreement that assures their children that their inheritance is safe can often help both families avoid awkward conversations and anxieties.

Moreover, many businesses and startup companies require individuals to have prenuptials before they enter a commercial arrangement, to ensure the safety of the organization. Finally, our attorneys have discovered that two parties who take the time to think about the future tend to be the most equipped to handle difficulties that come. Rather than a disagreeable prediction of death and divorce, prenuptials serve as a way for a couple to mutually plan ahead for their future together.

Legal Criteria for Valid Prenuptial Agreements in Kentucky

If you are seeking a prenuptial arrangement in the state of Kentucky, there certain requirements which must be satisfied before the agreement can be declared to be legally valid.

These conditions include:

  • Completely disclosing all assets, debts, property, and other valuables that are possessed by both parties before the arrangement has been signed.
  • The arrangement is not allowed to be unconscionable or oppressive to one or both of the parties at the time it is signed.
  • The arrangement is not allowed to be unconscionable or oppressive to one or both of the parties during the time it is to be enforced.

Navigating Complexities in Louisville Prenuptial Agreements

It is important to remember that there are significant aspects where a prenuptial agreement will not hold. These areas that are not allowed to be bound primarily deal with any shared children of the two parties, such as child support and custody, or visitation rights. This is because the court cannot predict what will be in the best interest of the children in the future, so such agreements would not be bound. Moreover, if there are instances where it appears that a prenuptial agreement was not fairly made or additional assets were not originally disclosed, another party may attempt to challenge the enforceability of the arrangement.

Since these matters can quickly become complicated, it is important to reach out to our Louisville prenuptial agreement attorneys right away.

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