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Discovering Hidden Assets

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Most people understand the major assets that must be divided during divorce — real estate, bank accounts, personal belongings, retirement accounts or businesses. However, to ensure an equitable distribution of marital property, it may be necessary to look for assets that your spouse may not have disclosed, such as hidden financial accounts, investments or undervalued property.

Attorney Winner has extensive experience in locating assets that a spouse may be attempting to conceal during a divorce. When he was a law student in New York City, Attorney Winner worked in law firm that defended people accused of committing white collar crimes. During that time, Attorney Winner became familiar with the manner in which people attempt to hide, conceal and launder money. Attorney Winner has applied the knowledge of hiding assets and laundering money that he learned in New York City to his family law practice. In many cases, Attorney Winner has determined that someone is likely concealing assets, and on many other cases Attorney Winner has determined that it is highly unlikely that a spouse is concealing assets.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Attorney Winner focuses his practice on representing clients primarily throughout Jefferson and Oldham counties. On occasion, he will take cases in other jurisdictions or rural Kentucky, and he is licensed to practice in Kentucky, New York and Texas.

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