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Sometimes, couples are not always able to resolve their differences through negotiations on their own. When negotiation breaks down, Jefferson Family Court requires couples to enter mediation where lawyers representing both sides attempt to identify common ground and terms acceptable to both parties.

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Guidance Through Mediation by Louisville's Trusted Family Law Attorney

Attorney Winner will guide you through the mediation process, explaining what to expect and evaluating the terms and conditions offered. Prior to mediation Attorney Winner will thoroughly review the financial issues, proposed custody arrangements, and other matters pertinent to a case to educate his clients in regard to what is in their best interests, and what they can expect in mediation.

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What to Expect from Mediation in Louisville, KY

Mediation is an informal process. There are generally no rules of evidence in mediation, and parties are often able to reach agreements that are not available in Court. Attorney Winner has drafted numerous agreements that have allowed his clients to save thousands of dollars in legal fees by putting a quick resolution to a family law matter.

Should Child Custody and Divorce Matters Be Mediated Together?

Child custody and financial issues are two often hotly debated topics when it comes to divorce. If a divorce is especially contentious, warring spouses in Kentucky may try to use the kids or finances as bargaining chips to get what they want. However, in the end, doing so only hurts them, their ex, and, unfortunately, the children. Therefore, it may be helpful to keep child custody issues and financial issues separate when getting a divorce.

Effective Child Custody Mediation Techniques

One way to handle this situation is to have two mediators -- one to handle child custody matters and one to handle financial matters. A child custody mediator can help parents develop an agreement regarding where the child will live and when. A written custody plan can also address birthdays, holidays, and summer vacations, in addition to the basic day-to-day schedule of where the child will live, when, and with whom.

Parents can turn to the parenting plan when there are disagreements, as it contains the expectations they have with each other when it comes to co-parenting. Of course, parents can agree to deviate from the plan from time to time if they wish. And, should the circumstances change in a way that the original parenting plan is no longer working, it can be modified.

In the end, some couples may find that by having one mediator that focuses solely on child custody issues and another mediator that handles the other divorce issues, they are able to develop a workable parenting plan that they both agree with. Ultimately, if two ex-parents can cooperate when it comes to raising their child, the child will be able to grow and thrive after the divorce.

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