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How is Child Support Determined in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, child support is generally set by following the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines. There is a presumption that child support can be modified whenever the amount of child support would change by 15%. This does not mean someone’s income has changed by 15% but if the amount of child support owed changes by 15%.

However, there are situations when the guidelines do not make sense, or we deviate from the guidelines - the two most common situations involve:

  • When parents combined gross monthly income exceed the upper most levels of the child support charts
  • When parents share equal time with a child

One of the most stressful topics that must be agreed upon by the parents or set by a Court involves setting child support. The Attorneys at Winner Law Group LLC have a tremendous amount of experience in handling cases where the combined gross monthly income exceeds the upper most levels of the child support chart.

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