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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:How much do you charge per hour?

    A:The rates of the various attorneys in the firm are adjusted annually. Currently, Louis P. Winner rate is $400 an hour for legal services in Kentucky; Sidney M. Vieck rate is $250 an hour, and Allison P. Dempsey’s rate is $215.00 an hour. Louis P. Winner charges $500 an hour for legal services performed in Texas, New York, or any other state.

  • Q:How much is the initial retainer?

    A:The initial retainer varies depending upon the issues presented and the complexity of the case. We do not have a standard initial retainer. Typically, our retainers can be as low as $5,000 or as high as $50,000. We assess each case individually in order to determine what we perceive as a fair retainer for the amount of work required to get started. The initial retainer is not intended and does not always cover all cost associated with the case.

  • Q:How much will the case ultimately cost?

    A:This is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the total cost of a case up-front. The total cost of a case is directly correlated to the amount of time spent on the case, the reasonableness of both opposing counsel and the other side, and your willingness to settle or need to litigate your case. Some cases must be litigated because there are legitimate difficult questions that despite everyone's best efforts must be heard before a Court.

  • Q:How long will the case take?

    A:This is another impossible question to answer up-front. If you and the other said are able to act in a reasonable manner the case can be settled quickly. In a divorce case the Commonwealth of Kentucky requires you to be separated from your spouse for 60 days before the Court can divorce you. This does not mean that on the 61st day you will be divorced. However, if you case is settled, an Agreement can be submitted to a Judge and that Judge can review the Agreement once you have been separated for 60-days. In New York State a case can be submitted to a Judge after 60 days, but most cases take much longer. In Texas the Courts require a 60-day waiting period before a divorce can be submitted to a Judge.

  • Q:Do you offer free consultations?

    A:No, we do not offer free consultations to clients. However, we charge a flat fee for initial consultations which usually last 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Q:What areas of law do you practice?

    A:The majority of the firm’s practice is focused on family law. Additionally, because of attorney Louis P. Winner’s background in uncovering fraud, Attorney Winner has extensive experience in general complex litigation. Attorney Winner has litigated complex issues related to fraud in the healthcare industry, civil RICO, and he has litigated intellectual property issues specifically related to the areas of entertainment, copyright, trademark, and domain name issues.

  • Q:I cannot afford your rates. Will you take my case for free?

    A:We wish that we could help everyone who contacted the firm at no charge. The reality is that the firm charge for legal services in the same manner as any other professional. If you cannot afford our rates we may be able to recommend someone who charges less, but we cannot take your case for free.

  • Q:Will you "win" my case?

    A:No attorney can guarantee you that he or she will win the case. If anyone makes you a guarantee, we recommend you find a new attorney. However, what we promise is that we will be well prepared for your case and will present your case with passion and in the best manner possible.

  • Q:What is your record?

    A:It is hard to gauge an attorney's "record' in family law. First, the majority of our cases settle, which we perceive as a good thing. Second, in most divorce cases, the longer the case goes on the more both sides lose. Please review the results section to view actual results from cases.

  • Q:I don't like my current attorney; will you take over my case? 

    A:We review other attorney's work on a regular basis. In numerous cases when we review another's attorney's work, we inform you that the attorney has done a good job, and sometimes the system just does not work as well as it should. In other cases, we will frankly inform you that your attorney has not done everything that he or she could have done to protect your rights. We often take over cases from other attorneys, but the client must have reasonable expectations.

  • Q:My spouse is very well connected and I am fearful that she will have an advantage, what can be done?

    A:If your spouse knows the Judge and there are grounds to remove the Judge from the case, we will file a motion to "recuse" the Judge from the case. However, in most situations a spouse has simply used his/her perceived influence as a fear tactic in order to scare the other side into settling the case. Typically, a Judge will not care if your spouse is a politician, attorney, physician, local celebrity, or sports figure. We have represented spouses of high-profile sports figures, physicians, judges and local celebrities with a great deal of success.

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