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In some situations, the trial court simply gets it wrong. In Kentucky, every litigant has the right to at least one appeal, but if this right is not asserted in a timely fashion, it can be waived/lost. In general, an appeal is when you ask a higher court to fix an error from the trial court level. The highest state court in Kentucky is the Kentucky Supreme Court. Although every litigant has a right to appeal their case to the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the Kentucky Supreme Court has discretionary review on selecting cases with very few exceptions.

Appeals are difficult, time consuming, and intense. Sometimes, a Judge can misinterpret a legal issue, fail to understand the facts of a case, or not be aware of the current law in one specific area. In other cases, the unsuccessful litigant will use the appellate process to drag out the litigation. The attorney as the firm have handled a number of very difficult appeals and have had a tremendous amount of success at the appellate level.

Over the last twenty years we have won a number of appeals which have helped shape Kentucky law. The firm has won or settled over twenty-five cases in the Kentucky Court of Appeals or the Kentucky Supreme Court. The firm has won the majority of our cases in Jefferson County, but we also won appeals from numerous other counties across the state.

The firm has had the trial court reversed and won appeals in the following counties:

  • Jefferson County (on multiple occasions)
  • Oldham County (on multiple occasions)
  • Boyd County
  • Morgan County
  • Grayson County
  • Pulaski County (on two occasions)

In 2021, the firm established new law on the classification and division of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) after having the Kentucky Supreme Court reverse a decision from Kentucky Court of Appeals and the trial court on the classification of RSUs.

This decision will affect a number of cases involving restricted stock units or stock options for years to come and redefined property division and child support in cases where executives or highly compensated person receive restricted stock units.

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