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Child Custody for Unmarried Parents

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Over one half of the children in the United States are born to parents who are not married. Most of the non-married custody and visitation cases follow the same laws and patterns of married custody cases. In general, a Court will assess what is in the minor child's best interest to determine custody and visitation/parenting time.

The parent who is not the primary parent will also likely be ordered to pay child support. However, recent changes in Kentucky law on custody and parenting time now require Courts, in most situations, to start with a presumption that the parents should have equal parenting time and joint custody. In most, but not every situation, if parents are awarded joint custody and equal parenting time, child support will be affected.

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Child Custody Laws in Kentucky for Unmarried Parents

In Kentucky, the Court presumes a child's biological father to be the person listed on the child’s birth certificate. In cases where the paternity of a child is in question; a paternity action and DNA test may be required. Once the true parentage of the child is confirmed, a normal custody, parenting time and support actions may proceed.

In Kentucky, child support is governed by KRS 403.211, KRS 403.212 and KRS 403.213. In many situations, the Courts will rely upon the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines to determine the proper amount of child support. In other cases, under the right circumstances, such as when the parties’ combined gross monthly income exceeds the upper most levels of the child support chart, the Attorneys at Winner Law Group, LLC will request that the Court deviate from the guidelines because children will need additional support. The attorneys at the firm provide the skilled guidance in child custody and visitation for unmarried parents in Louisville and throughout Jefferson and Oldham counties of Kentucky.

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