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Understanding the Complex Issues Involved in a Kentucky High Asset Divorce

It takes experience, insight, and skill to divide a marriage with multiple complex assets. Not every family lawyer has the qualifications and tools needed to effectively handle cases that involve high-asset marital estates.

Complex assets include:

  • Businesses and private practices
  • Executive compensation packages and bonuses
  • Stock options, restricted stock units, and performance grants
  • Personal or corporate investments
  • Retirement accounts such as pension plans, defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans and annuities
  • Real estate investments and holdings
  • Family inheritance
  • Assets covered by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

If you suspect that your spouse has hidden or transferred assets illegally, Attorney Winner can work with forensic accounting experts and other professionals to track down these assets to ensure they are divided equitably according to Kentucky’s property division laws.

Recognized for Legal Excellence in Family Law - Louis Paz Winner, “Louisville Family Law®”

Attorney Winner has the experience to meet the unique challenges faced by clients who are going through the divorce process. He also routinely partners with the appropriate accounting experts to ensure the accurate reporting and valuation of complex assets.

Attorney Winner is recognized for his abilities in handling the common concerns in a high-asset divorce, such as proper business valuation and the discovery of hidden assets. He has been selected as one of the “Pick of the Judges” in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and has often been listed as one of the top attorneys in the field of divorce and family law, such as by Super Lawyers® and the National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40.

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