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When a divorcing couple owns a business or one spouse holds a significant ownership stake in a company, the division of marital property becomes far more complex. Before beginning negotiation or pursuing litigation, it is imperative to secure an accurate appraisal of the business' value.

Louisville attorneys at Winner Law Group, LLC, are dedicated to protecting the rights and best interests of their clients during high-asset divorce cases. They strive to fulfill both the short- and long-term financial needs of their clients in all property division matters.

If you or your spouse own a professional practice, substantial real estate or a small business, precise business valuation is critical to the equitable distribution of your marital assets. It is unwise to simply rely upon your spouse's opinion or estimation of value.

Business Valuation in Divorce

Under Kentucky state law, businesses owned during the course of a marriage may be considered a marital asset. Even if your spouse owned and operated a company without assistance from you, it is still recognized as marital property.

An attorney at Winner Law Group, LLC will work to find out the true value and nature of your or your spouse's business. Working with prestigious accounting firms and financial experts, he meticulously reviews the financial situation of businesses with an eye towards determining an equitable, fair valuation for all parties involved.

In many cases, Attorney Winner and his associates have uncovered hidden bank accounts, computer records and other financial documents from spouses who are attempting to beat the system.

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When managing business valuation in divorce, the attorney you chose to represent you can make a significant difference. Attorney Winner was recently listed in Louisville Magazine as a "Pick of the Judges." This list compiles the best attorneys under 40 years of age, as selected by the Family, Circuit and District Court Judge in Jefferson County. In addition, he was recently elected chairperson of the Family Law Section of the Louisville Bar Association.

To aggressively protect your rights and interests business valuation in divorce, contact Winner Law Group, LLC.

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