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In the United States, an increasing number of individuals have determined that they are no longer compatible with each other, and the right and necessary decision is to get a divorce. However, we can never predict what is going to happen in life, and in some situations, the two parties do not have the opportunity to immediately have a complete split from each other. This is often due to extreme extenuating circumstances, where one spouse requires financial support from the other to survive. If one person is unable to gain a job in time to provide for themselves, or is suffering from a debilitating injury, that individual might need temporary “domestic maintenance,” otherwise known as spousal support or alimony.

These situations can be very tense and confusing if you do not have experienced Louisville alimony lawyers providing detailed legal counsel. Depend on Winner Law Group, LLC to help you move forward in an alimony case.

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How Does Kentucky Determine Alimony?

In the state of Kentucky, it is actually quite difficult to be awarded alimony. Usually, judges do not grant spousal support except in certain extreme situations, and even then, this support is usually only for a temporary amount of time.

Factors Influencing Alimony Eligibility:

  • The individual who needs financial maintenance does not have any income or salary to independently support themselves at the immediate present.
  • The party who desires alimony does not have a physical or mental ability to provide for themselves with a career or a job.
  • The individual is caring for a child in a manner that they are unable to simultaneously get a job outside of their home.
  • The person seeking spousal support needs additional training or education before they can acquire a job that would allow them to provide for themselves.

Alimony Modifications: Adapting to Life Changes

If the judge determines that one of the parties is truly entitled to alimony, then these factors will be utilized to decide how much alimony will be given, and at what intervals.

Key Considerations for Alimony Amounts:

  • financial circumstances
  • age
  • training and education
  • health status
  • and other unique needs

Once spousal support has been allocated, however, it is important to remember that it is not always permanent. The court will usually set a certain length of time for alimony to be awarded. However, if circumstances change in your situation, you may require modifications to take place.

For example, if you are the party giving alimony, but you learn that you have lost your job or your ex-partner is getting remarried, you most likely would be freed from the responsibility of paying spousal support. Alternatively, if you are supposed to receive alimony and demonstrate to the court that your spouse had been committing adultery or domestic abuse, you may have a higher amount of maintenance awarded to you. Even in the most complicated of cases, our knowledgeable Louisville alimony attorneys can powerfully advocate for you.

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