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Attorney Winner has litigated in a number of distinct areas of law and in several states, both of which require a great deal of unique knowledge and expertise. Attorney Winner is a fierce and aggressive advocate who loves the Courtroom. At the same time Attorney Winner realizes that litigation can be a last resort and is very costly.

As such, Attorney Winner takes a reasonable approach toward settling a case out of court, and in the event that settling your case is unsuccessful due to the other side unwillingness to be reasonable, a complex issue, or any other reason, Attorney Winner is extremely capable of litigating numerous complex issues. The areas of law in which Attorney Winner has extensive experience are listed below:

  • Attorney Winner has litigated a variety of complex and extremely contentious family law cases.
  • Attorney Winner has represented high profile athletes, politicians numerous physicians, business owners, or their spouses.
  • Mr. Winner has had a high success rate of reaching favorable results either through aggressive mediation or litigation.

Copyright, Trademark and Entertainment Law

Attorney Winner is a former resident of the States of New York and California, the entertainment capitals of the United States. As such, Attorney Winner has had the opportunity to litigate a number of issues related to copyright or trademark infringement, cybersquatting, invasion of privacy, unfair use, and other issues related to the entertainment field. Attorney Winner and his partners currently represent individuals and/or corporations in all aspects of the entertainment field.

Healthcare Litigation

Attorney Winner spent several years of his practice dedicated to litigating health care issues specifically related to fraud, reimbursement, wrongful denial of claims, bad faith and other unjust practices. Attorney Winner was the lead attorney in a complex RICO case where medical providers and insurance companies each made claims of fraud and violations of several state laws.

As such Attorney Winner has litigated against some of the largest regional law firms in the Midwest, and is very familiar with the tactics used by instance companies in order to deny claims to healthcare providers, and at the same time, Attorney Winner is very apt at dedicated which types of medical procedures can lead to red flags by insurance companies for fraud.

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