3 Ways Celebrity Divorces Differ From Yours

If you follow pop culture or turn on a television, you will see how closely our society follows celebrity divorces and breakups. The fascination with divorces of the rich and famous is mostly curiosity about how their situation is different from your neighbor or family. Divorce can be complicated and messy regardless of your job or income level, but when you have a surplus of assets, it’s especially difficult.

3 Complications of Celebrity Divorces

Celebrity divorces are just like ours, except most of us don’t have as many valuable assets or the need for privacy from prying eyes. For most celebrity couples, their marriage and divorce end up being newsworthy information. So, if you want privacy, you have to go to extreme lengths to manage your situation, which is why most celebrities secure the services of lawyers who specialize in celebrity divorces.

Here are a couple more ways celebrity divorces differ from your average divorce:

  • Sometimes the Spouse is Last to Know: In most instances, when noncelebrity couples break up, it’s been in the works for a while and has been the source of negotiation and possible marriage therapy. For celebrity couples, the opposite is likely true. Spouses are sometimes the last ones to know their partner has been working behind the scenes to prepare for a separation and divorce.
  • Fear of Public Opinion: Celebrity couples have to worry about public opinion about their divorce. Their job and ability to find work can be impacted by the fallout from their divorce statement and publicity. For those of us who aren’t famous, besides telling our friends and family, we aren’t worried about how our divorce could impact our ability to work or find employment.
  • Protecting Assets & Earnings: When you’re a celebrity and you marry without a prenuptial agreement, it can be challenging to protect your assets and future earnings. Celebrity divorces include hours of negotiation over assets, earnings, alimony, and child support. The more property and money you have, the more there is to disagree about with your spouse.

Thoughtful & Compassionate Legal Representation

Whether it’s a celebrity divorce or one without fame and fortune, the legal process is the same as is the pain and heartbreak that can come from a failed marriage. If you and your spouse have reached an impasse working to fix your marriage, do not hesitate to consult with the team at Winner Law Group, LLC. Our divorce attorneys are committed to providing knowledgeable and compassionate legal support for every client we serve. If you need help filing your Kentucky divorce, contact our offices at (502) 812-1889 or reach out to our legal team today to set up an initial case review with one of our divorce attorneys.