How to Handle Your Divorce at Work

The divorce process can take a heavy toll on a person and you may even be concerned about how it may affect your professional life. While many often believe it is best to simply keep this matter private, you may want to reconsider opening up to your managers at work. That said, you should approach any conversations you have about your divorce in a professional manner, focusing on how it may impact your schedule or workload.

Work and Divorce

Divorce is a major life-changing event, so it reasonable to expect that it may impact your ability to perform your job duties. If your supervisor is unaware of the events in your life, they cannot offer you any support, so it is crucial to discuss this matter with them. However, you do not need to dive into any of the personal details of why your marriage failed. Instead, ask for some flexibility in your schedule, so you can attend mediation sessions, meet with your attorney, attend court hearings, or any other meetings you may have to attend when you would otherwise be at work.

On the other hand, when it comes to talking to your co-workers about this matter, you may want to hold back. Personal information like this can easily turn into gossip, which will not help you remain focused on your job duties. If you wish to share this information with a colleague, make sure it is someone you trust who will not spread the news around the office.

 Lastly, your life is going through enough changes at the moment, so you should refrain from making any impulsive decisions in your professional life. These decisions can potentially have long-term effects and, if you are making it in the heat of the moment, you may regret it later when you achieve greater clarity on the matter.

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