Enforcing Your Child Support Order

If your former spouse is no longer paying child support, this is likely putting a strain on your finances, making it difficult to provide for your children. Family courts treat this issue with great severity, so it is crucial to take swift legal action and ensure this matter is quickly addressed and rectified. Continue reading to learn more about what you can do to enforce your child support order.

How to Enforce Your Child Support Order

There are many ways in which a delinquent parent may be penalized and forced to pay child support. Depending on the circumstances, such as the amount involved, the court may use more severe enforcement tools.

Below are some of the consequences your co-parent may face for failing to pay child support:

- Income withholding is a common enforcement tool. Essentially, the child support funds your ex owes will be given directly to you, preventing the possibility of any further delinquency.

- If your former spouse is expecting to receive a large tax refund, the state can intercept it, and provide it to you, covering any missed child support payments.

- A delinquent parent’s license may also be revoked and, additionally, the passport of that parent may not be renewed.

- In some cases, a custodial parent may seek a contempt of court order, resulting in jail time or a fine for the delinquent parent.

There are some circumstances in which the U.S. Office of the Inspector General may intervene in child support cases if the delinquent parent lives in another state and one or more of the following applies:

- The delinquent parent refused to pay for over 12 months

- The delinquent parent owes more than $5,000

- The delinquent parent traveled to another state or country to evade child support obligations

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