Creating a Stable Environment for Children After Divorce

The inevitable result of a divorce is, of course, that you and your spouse will no longer live together. If you have children, this means they will travel back and forth between both households to maintain a relationship with you and your former spouse. To help them adjust to this new normal, it is essential to maintain some consistency and stability across both households to lessen their stress and anxiety. Continue reading to learn more about how to achieve this.

How to Create a Consistent Environment Across Two Households

The changes your family endures will take some time for your children to cope with, but if you maintain similar routines and structures in both households, it can reduce conflicts and minimize separation anxiety. To accomplish this, you and your former spouse will have to collaborate on a set of rules and routines for them to follow. If your ex allows the children to play video games late into the evening and you try to enforce a bedtime schedule, your children may become angry, frustrated, or confused by the discrepancies in parenting styles. Therefore, you and your co-parent must work together to set rules and expectations for your children, regardless of where they are staying.

When creating rules and setting expectations, you will have to ask yourselves several questions. Find out which issues you wish to remain steadfast on and which should allow for more flexibility. You may not be able to create identical households, but it is important to aim for as much consistency as possible, especially when it comes to bigger, fundamental matters. Additionally, you should discuss how you wish to communicate these rules and expectations to your children. Delivering this important information properly will have a major impact on its success.

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