Can I Get My Alimony Payments Reduced or Terminated?

When spouses get divorced, alimony is often part of the terms of their settlement to ensure that the lower income-earning spouse can maintain the same standard of living enjoyed during the marriage. That said, alimony is not designed to last indefinitely, especially when either party’s financial situation changes. The court understands that our circumstances can change at any time and, therefore, provides an avenue for individuals to modify their alimony payments.

If you and your former spouse can reach an agreement regarding the modification of your alimony payments without going to court, this can certainly save you some time, but it is still crucial to take it through the appropriate legal channels to ensure it is enforceable.

How Can I Reduce or Terminate Alimony?

Not everyone is on amicable enough terms with their ex to work out a new agreement regarding alimony. In such cases, you will have to petition the court to modify the terms of your divorce decree. Generally, a judge will only grant requests for modifications if your circumstances or the circumstances of your ex-spouse changed significantly.

For example, if you involuntarily lost your job or received a reduction in pay, these would be considered a significant change in circumstances and it is likely a judge may grant your request. However, if you voluntarily leave your job or take on fewer duties, resulting in a pay cut, your alimony obligations may remain the same. You cannot evade alimony payments by voluntarily making less income.

If your former spouse remarries or lives with a new partner, alimony may be terminated. If your ex receives a substantial increase in pay, you may also petition the court for a reduction in payments.

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