Can I Modify My Child Support Order?

In the state of Kentucky, child support is determined by a number of factors, including the income of both parents, ability of both parents to financially support the child, and other aspects. Courts will often use the Kentucky child support guidelines outlined in KRS 403.212. Child support orders are binding, and each party must abide by the stipulations. Failure to do so could result in serious penalties. However, as your son or daughter grows up, you may need to modify your child support court order.

In order to change your child support court order, you must show that there has been a significant and material change in circumstances, such as:

  1. Loss of a job
  2. Remarriage
  3. Decrease in wages
  4. Other factors that could influence your situation

Furthermore, if there is a change in custody of your child, or your child becomes disabled or needs extra medical care, you may be able to modify the child support order. Receiving parents may go to the Child Support Division of the local county attorney's office for assistance. Paying spouses may file a petition to change the child support order. You will need to file the petition in the same court that issued the original child support order. If you and the other parent are not able to agree on the modification, you may have to go to court for a hearing.

With extensive experience representing both paying parents and receiving parents in child support matters, our Louisville family law attorney can help you file a motion to modify your child support order. The process can be complicated, but Attorney Winner will discuss your options and provide diligent representation. Call the firm today at (502) 812-1889 to receive an initial consultation.