Are Online Divorce Services Safe?

You’re separating from your wife or husband but neither of you are financially well off. While you’re browsing the internet, you come across an online divorce service, offering in-home convenience and a very low price. Are online divorce services too good to be true? Are they even safe to use?

Online Divorce Services

Any attorney can give you nightmare stories about online divorce services, such as people reaching an agreement that was not interpreted the same way later in the divorce process or others forgetting to address issues that caused problems in the future. Instead of an online divorce service, a better way to resolve your divorce is with a family law attorney. Not only are they quick and relatively cheap, but they can also help draft an agreement that will stand up in court and fix any mistakes that may affect the future of the process.

In addition, online divorce services are made for simple, uncontested divorces. If you’ve got kids and lots of property, there may not be a box to tick online for those complex issues. Online divorce services can also be costly if you make a mistake. An error can bite you in the butt in court, which could then subject you to court sanctions. Finally, even if your divorce is not amicable, you should not run to an online divorce service. If you show up to court with an agreement drafted online and your spouse has a lawyer by her side, you’re probably in for some trouble. An online service cannot replace an experienced and determined lawyer, especially when you’re contesting complex family law issues.

So are online divorce services safe to use? Relatively speaking, yes. But does that mean they’re good for you? Probably not.

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