How to Combat Stress During Divorce

Following only the death of a loved one, divorce is known as one of the most stressful experiences anyone can endure. It is perhaps one of the most challenging and draining life changes you will ever undergo, in both the emotional and financial sense. This is why we at Winner Law Group, LLC believe it is absolutely essential you don’t neglect your self-care throughout this process, as our Louisville divorce lawyer has seen too many people lose themselves in the midst of losing their partner.

The following are our tips for dealing with stress during divorce:

  • Pick up a new hobby, one you can focus your energies on when you are feeling your worst.
  • Find an emotional outlet, such as a therapist, support group, or confidante you can trust to let you vent when you are feeling your worst.
  • Don’t bottle your emotions inside, as they will only come out in worse ways later.
  • Learn to let things go when they are out of your control, such as your ex’s new relationship.
  • Engage in physical activity, as this is a proven stress-reliever. Some physical activities proven to be beneficial to your emotional health include running, yoga, hiking, walking, and more.

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