Do Divorce Rates Spike After the Holidays?

During the holidays, you spend time with family and loved ones, gather around the fireplace, go out for snow days and rip open presents. Sadly, not all holidays end on a happy note. According to research from the University of Washington, divorce consistently peaks shortly after winter (and summer) vacation.

The study found that divorce rates are the highest in March and August, with late March marking the end of winter. The associate sociology professor and doctoral candidate that performed the study only looked at couples in Washington, while also considering other factors (money and employment). Still, it seems that divorce rates spike right after the end of winter.

In the research, they claim that many couples go on vacations and look at them as a time to mend all of their troubles. Unfortunately, vacations tend to place more stress on couples: missing a flight, having a hotel cancellation, and forgetting a passport are just a few issues that could arise. Alone, those problems don’t seem too bad, but when there is trouble brewing, they can bring underlying relationship problems to the surface.

Instead of separating then and there, couples typically wait it out and divorce once they know it won’t work—after vacation. According to the study, many couples also consider it inappropriate, or even taboo, to get divorced during vacation and the holidays. While some divorces will happen regardless of the holidays, the study is still useful. Instead of going on an expensive trip or spending a lot of money on gifts to try and fix your relationship, sit down with your partner and get down to the real issues.

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