How to Get a Restraining Order in KY

In Kentucky, a restraining order is known as a domestic violence order (DVO). These court orders direct an individual named in the document to stay away from the person seeking protection.

Protective orders are often issued only to victims of violence or threats of violence, in which the perpetrator (respondent) is a romantic partner or family member. In addition to protecting abused spouses and exes, protective orders are also available for children in order to keep them from harm’s way and keep stalkers away.

The following are the two main types of protective orders:

  1. Temporary Protective Orders – The court may issue an emergency protective order (EPO) in domestic violence cases or a temporary interpersonal protective order (TIPO) in dating violence and stalking/sexual assault cases. These short-term orders are designed to stop violence and abuse by placing restrictions on the respondent’s actions until a court hearing, often within 14 days.
  2. Long-Term Protective Orders – Domestic violence orders (DVO) and interpersonal protective orders (IPO) can be valid for three years. These orders are meant to stop abuse and violence by placing restrictions on a respondent following a court hearing.

To file a petition for a protective order, you need to visit the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in your county of residence or in the county where you are currently residing if you left your home in order to escape from the violence.

There is an Office of Circuit Court Clerk in every county throughout Kentucky. For contact information for all 120 Offices of Circuit Court Clerk, visit and select the proper county.

You will be requested to provide information about you and the respondent. It is imperative to disclose as much information about the respondent as possible, including date of birth, Social Security number, and address of residence, so that he or she may be served with any order that may be issued. Furthermore, you will be asked to list any children you and the respondent have and you can request that these children be protected by any order that may be issued.

The following is additional information about protective orders in Kentucky:

  1. You can get a protective order 24 hours a day
  2. After business hours, you should contact your local police for assistance in obtaining a protective order
  3. There are no fees or costs for filing a petition

If you are interested in filing a protective order in Kentucky and want more information about the hearing process, contact a Louisville divorce attorney at Winner Law Group, LLC and schedule a consultation today.