What Challenges Will I Face in a Gray Divorce?

No matter how old you are when you decide to end your marriage, it will undoubtedly be a stressful and upsetting situation. After all, we all hope for a happily ever after when we tie the knot. Unfortunately, not every marriage is destined to last. Moreover, many spouses are choosing to call it quits during the winter of their lives, which is also known as a gray divorce. Although divorce at any age is challenging, when spouses over the age of 50 dissolve their marriage, they often face other obstacles younger spouses do not. Continue reading to learn more.

The Obstacles You May Face in a Gray Divorce

For spouses over 50, the age of retirement is either near or already here, which makes the prospect of dividing wealth even more daunting and, oftentimes, life-altering. In some cases, a divorce may push one or both parties back into the workforce. However, being older sometimes comes with health complications, which may make the challenges of this situation even more difficult. For example, if you were receiving health insurance benefits through your spouse, these benefits will no longer be available to you once your divorce is finalized.

Of course, the biggest hit older couples face in a gray divorce comes when they must split their retirement and Social Security benefits. Splitting retirement funds at a time when you are no longer in the workforce or on your way out of the workforce can be devastating, so it is crucial to plan and adjust your lifestyle if you plan to divorce your spouse.

Lastly, though any children you have are likely adults, you may still face some challenges in this area. It is natural to want to lean on them for support, especially now that they will be able to better grasp why ending your marriage is important for your happiness, but you should still consider their emotional wellbeing and avoid putting them in a situation where they feel like they have to choose sides.

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