What if My Ex Stops Paying Spousal Support?

If your ex-spouse was ordered to pay spousal support and is now refusing to comply with the order, this is likely putting a huge strain on your finances. Thankfully, you have options to ensure the order is enforced, but it is crucial to act quickly. First, you should consider speaking to your former spouse about the matter. If your ex has a valid reason, such as the loss of a job or a devastating medical emergency, the court may temporarily reduce or pause payments. If you are not on amicable enough terms to have this discussion or your ex-spouse is simply refusing to pay, you should seek skilled legal representation.

Enforcing a Court Order

When a former spouse fails to court-ordered spousal support, there are numerous ways in which the court can compel compliance. In many cases, the court may find a non-compliant party in contempt of court for not following the order, which may result in additional fines and jail time if the non-compliance continues.

Here are some other court proceedings that can help you retrieve the money your former spouse owes:

- Writ of Execution: If a judge orders a writ of execution, an enforcing officer will be able to seize your former spouse’s property to pay off missed spousal support payments. For example, you may receive a portion of your ex’s bank account, property, or other assets the court deems appropriate to settle these debts.

- Income Withholding: The court may also require your former spouse’s employer to withhold a portion of your ex’s income to pay directly to you. You will not have to deal with your former spouse to receive these payments, which will spare you the burden of having to communicate with your ex-spouse regarding this matter.

Dealing with a non-compliant spouse can be a stressful experience, but an attorney can assist you and ensure you receive what you are owed, so do not hesitate to retain the skilled legal assistance of a knowledgeable family lawyer.

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