4 Ways Divorce Affects Your Health

Take Care of Yourself During and After Divorce

It doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to know that a life change such as divorce is bound to have effects on your health. From the dissolution of the family unit that you once knew to the new living arrangements, it’s clear that your body will have adjustments to make, as well. The Louisville divorce attorneys at Winner Law Group, LLC can help to take the stress of the legal process of divorce off your shoulders, so that you have one less thing to worry about during this difficult time. We are experienced with all aspects of family law during divorce, including child custody and support, alimony arrangements, property division, and high-asset divorce. Let our team provide strong, knowledgeable legal representation for your divorce that you can count on to have your best interest at heart.  

The 4 Common Ways Divorce Affects Health

Although there can be a lot of unexpected changes after divorce, in the body and mind, there are some common ways that people are affected by divorce when it comes to health.

You may experience the changes below as you adjust to single living:

  1. Weakened immune system: Stress is one of the main concerns during divorce, and emotional and mental stress greatly affect your immune system. Any emotional changes can boost or weaken the immune system’s ability to fight off illness, which means stress can make you more likely to catch colds or to experience latent virus symptoms that you may not have experienced before, such as cold sores (Herpes) or other viruses in your system.
  2. Insomnia or sleep changes: Depression can often increase the hours one sleeps, and if you are subject to depression this is something you will most likely notice. In general, your sleep patterns may be even more exaggerated after divorce. You may develop insomnia, your waking and sleeping schedule may be thrown off, or you may find yourself sleeping much more than normal as your body tries to recover from stress.
  3. Weight gain or loss: It is very common for people to either lose or gain weight after their divorce. This can be the result of stress eating (or not eating) and changes to the meals that you eat. If your ex was the chef of the house, your meals are apt to change once they are no longer cooking for you, thus affecting your weight.
  4. Mental health: Mood disorders can often surface in the aftermath of divorce. As you come into your own as a single unit, learning how to co-parent, and work to survive on a single income, your mental and emotional health can take a hit.

As you rebuild after divorce, be sure to pay close attention to your mental and physical health and practice self-care. Taking care of your body through health eating and exercise and checking in on your mental state are ways you can bounce back faster, and come out stronger, after divorce.

Don’t Face Divorce Alone

Although the process of divorce and the changes to your life may affect your health, divorce also brings on freedom and a new adventure. If you are facing divorce, let our team of Louisville divorce attorneys help you through the legal proceeding. Louis P Winner can take the stress of the legal process off your shoulders so that you can focus on the positive aspects of your future, which is a key factor in your overall health. We understand that divorce is never easy, but our goal is to help our clients have a smooth transition into this new chapter in their lives.

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