Health Insurance & Child Support in a Kentucky Divorce

Health insurance is a big cost in the US, one that should be taken into consideration when determining child support. Although there are child support calculators and guidelines that are used to evaluate each parent’s income, expenses, and child rearing costs, based on time spent with your child, there are factors such as health insurance and medical expenses that also come into play. If you are facing a divorce and are unsure of how expenses and income will be calculated and are worried abut who will cover child health insurance, you need the help of an experienced divorce attorney. Our compassionate, skilled Louisville child support lawyer at Winner Law Group, LLC can work with you to reach a fair and equitable resolution for child support and health insurance, as well as any other substantial future expenses for your child.

Dividing Expenses in Divorce

One option for division of child support and health insurance is to consider it part of the child support payment. For example, it can be calculated as part of the “child” expenses, so that whoever is paying child support would pay the determined amount, less the amount of health insurance. This, of course, would also be affected by which parent insures the child, and if the costs are paid for via the parent’s employer, and if so, what percentage of the coverage is remaining.

Another option is to split the cost of health insurance and to be sure that it is equally divided between both parents. This leaves no room for later arguments of who pays more. The same can be done for any medical expenses that arise, such as a hospital stay, or even braces. As your child grows older, and financial obligations and expenses change, you can always modify your child support arrangement in turn.

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