How to Discover Hidden Assets in Divorce

Divorce can be messy; some people will even attempt to conceal money or other assets so their spouse can’t get their fair share of the marital property. If you suspect your spouse is trying to hide assets through hidden accounts or other means, there are a few ways you can expose the hidden assets and get the full compensation you are entitled to.

1. Look at Tax Returns

Most people don’t lie on their tax returns for fear of fines or prison sentences. If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, check their tax returns for the entire time you were married. Look for any inconsistencies in income, partnerships, real estate, or the existence of trusts.

2. Investigate Account Statements

The deposit and/or withdrawal of money in savings accounts can be a huge indication that someone is attempting to conceal income from you. These could point to a hidden stock or bond that pays out interest; or perhaps the other party is stashing money in a personal savings account rather than your joint account.

Checking accounts can also show where your spouse’s money is going. Cancelled checks could be a sign that they are purposely writing fake checks in order to stash the amount somewhere you can’t access. If you suspect this form of trickery, you can request an order to discover which account was used and where (if applicable) the check was deposited.

3. Credit Card Reports

You could suspect your spouse of having an affair and spending your joint income on this person. If this is troubling you, request a look at credit card reports. Suspicious spending on gifts you never received or vacations you never went on could be the evidence you need to support your suspicions.

4. Fraudulent Debts

Another way a spouse could hide their assets is by claiming they owe a debt to a third party (like a relative or friend) in order to stash money so you don’t have access to it. If this is investigated and turns out to be true, it could be brought up in divorce proceedings for the judge to decide how to handle the situation.

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