Understanding the Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce is a process in Kentucky that allows both spouses to avoid litigation. If you are your spouse are able to agree on important decisions, such as the division of assets and property, spousal maintenance, and other matters regarding your divorce, you may be able to use the collaborative process. Attorney Winner Law Group, LLC has guided countless clients through the collaborative divorce process. He will provide informative legal guidance as you seek a beneficial outcome.

What Is the Difference Between Collaborative Divorce & Mediation?

In collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will sign a contract to agree not to go to court for any reason. If you and your spouse run across an issue that you are not able to agree on, you will not be able to go to court to get it settled. You will need to hire new attorneys and start the divorce process all over again in order to appear in court. This differs from mediation, which allows parties to go to court if necessary to seek a resolution without having to start the process over again.

What Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Involve?

The collaborative divorce process involves meeting with several experts, such as financial planners and psychologists, to reach a divorce settlement. During the meetings, you and your spouse will work together to make decisions regarding the division of assets and marital property, liability for marital debts, spousal maintenance, and other matters. Once you and your spouse reach a settlement, you will conclude the process without having to go to court.

Collaborative divorce can provide many benefits:

  1. It allows you to avoid court costs and other expenses of litigation
  2. It allows you to obtain a divorce in a reasonable amount of time
  3. It allows you to reach an amicable divorce settlement with your spouse

If you and your spouse are unable to reach a decision regarding the divorce, you may have to go to court. This means you will need to hire new lawyers and start the process over again. Attorney Winner will analyze your situation and discuss whether collaborative divorce or mediation would be the best option for your situation.

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