How to Appeal a Child Custody Order

Child custody is one of the most challenging parts of the divorce or separation of parents. The family courts attempt to protect a child’s best interests in the child custody order, regardless of what either parent wants. However, despite the court’s best intentions, there are specific instances in which a child custody order may not fulfill your child’s needs as it should. If there is a situation in which you disagree with the decision reached by the courts, you may file an appeal in which you request a change or reversal of the judgment made.

Oftentimes, appeals are not easily resolved. They can take a significant amount of time, cost you a lot of money, and create contentious situations between you and your child’s other parent. A knowledgeable Louisville divorce lawyer, such as ours at Winner Law Group, LLC, can help you determine whether your reasons for appealing the initial custody order are valid. A primary reason for appealing a child custody order is the belief that the judge made a mistake in your case, such as awarding custody to a parent convicted of domestic violence or drug use without ordering any kind of protection to the child in question.

Filing an appeal must be done within a certain window of time, which is usually 30 to 60 days from the date of the original order. You will have to provide all necessary information to the appeals court, including transcripts, written briefs, and other documentation. You may also be asked to provide an oral argument.

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