Summer Break Custody

Summer vacation is a great way to spend an ample amount of time with your children, not to renew old fights with your ex over custody of them. If you plan on taking your children on a trip this summer, it is imperative to sort out all of the details before making your vacation plans.

The following are several tips to make child custody one less thing to worry about:

  1. Determine a vacation schedule and stick with it. With the children off from school for the summer, there is plenty of time to plan a trip to the amusement park or cross-country road trip for a few days or weeks. However, you need to discuss your plans with your ex, or else you may find yourself in court for custody/visitation interference.
  2. Ensure you are not violating your custody order. Some custody or visitation agreements have geographical limitations. If you are planning a summer vacation in another state or country, you may have to get such an order modified. If you’ve already made a vacation plan, it shouldn’t be difficult to have your ex stipulate to a custody modification which allows for travel.
  3. Provide proper notice. Well-thought-out plans are great, but do let your ex know at the last minute. Give him or her at least a couple months to make your travel plans with your kids known.
  4. Allow your children to communicate with the other parent while on vacation. Letting your kids communicate with the other parent will provide your ex with peace of mind, knowing that their children are being taken care of. Skype or Google Hangout may be great ways to allow your ex “virtual visitation,” even while you are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

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