Is Your Soon-To-Be Ex Hiding Assets?

In most cases of divorce, the lives of all involved change dramatically when the process comes to a close. To make sure the next chapter of life starts off on a positive note, it is vital that a fair financial settlement is secured. This is particularly true for women who have stayed home with children or scaled back their own work responsibilities to support their husband in his career.

What a fair settlement will entail depends on each specific situation. When a husband owns a business the determination can be particularly complicated. In some cases, once it becomes evident the marriage will end, he may try to make it appear that his business is worth less than it is. If not exposed in a timely manner, it could result in a smaller financial settlement.

Signs He Is Hiding Assets

While no two situations are alike, there are some signs that could indicate a husband is hiding assets. The first is the reluctance on his part to provide documents needed for a business valuation. These documents could include copies of checks and credit cards statements. Second, when it comes to personal expenses, rather than paying personal expenses himself, he may have the business cover them. A third sign is a claim that the business is suffering financially while at the same time, the way in which he is leading his life has not changed.

Get What You Deserve

A wife who has made sacrifices in her own career to support her husband deserves a fair financial settlement when a marriage comes to an end. Because not all divorce lawyers are equipped to handle cases of this nature, it is vital to work with someone who understands how assets could be hidden. With experience defending individuals accused of committing white collar crimes Attorney Winner Law Group, LLC has a thorough understanding of the various methods someone could use to hide assets. To learn how he can put that knowledge to work for you, please see his website.