How should an individual address the issue of a prenup?

Signing a prenuptial agreement doesn't exactly rank high on the list of romantic activities you can do with your betrothed. However, it is important. While those planning a marriage are in general never planning to get divorced, circumstances do change, and divorce is a reality for many in Kentucky. That being said addressing the issue of a prenup may be made easier with these tips.

First of all, don't beat around the bush, but be straightforward. Communicating in a clear and reasonable way about what can be a touchy subject can actually be a relief to those who also wanted to talk about creating a prenup but were afraid to broach the topic.

Timing is also important when it comes to discussing a prenup. Don't bring it up during a fight. Don't bring it up among other people. Make a plan where you're both ready for an in-depth examination of what you want for the future in the event of divorce, before discussing a prenup.

It may be helpful to frame the conversation in terms of keeping control over the couple's most intimate decisions. Without a prenup, decisions that are made in the divorce process are left up to the judge. Why not keep these decisions in your own hands with a prenup?

Further, the conversation can focus on how a prenup ensures fairness. Sometimes, each spouse enters the marriage under very different financial circumstances. A prenup can set an amount that, should the marriage end, puts each party in a sustainable state of life. This may make it easier for couples, once married, to decide that one of them should stay at home to raise the children. It also makes sure that should a divorce happen, neither spouse is left with a "golden parachute."

Keep in mind that even if a couple does not divorce, death is inevitable for all. A prenup can address what happens upon the death of a spouse, just as it does upon a divorce.

Prenups can address many legal issues. They can address property division in the event of a divorce. They can address spousal support as well in the event of a divorce. They can even address what will happen with a surviving spouse's assets if one spouse dies. This could be especially important should a spouse have children from a previous marriage. For all these reasons and more, it may be a good idea for couples contemplating marriage to also contemplate a prenup.