Have an advocate by your side during alimony proceedings

When a couple in Kentucky marries, they will have to make some very personal decisions regarding their careers. Some couples decide that both spouses will work outside the home, bringing in two incomes. Others will decide that living on a single income is preferable, meaning that only one spouse will work and the other will take care of the home. These decisions can also affect the standard of living the couple enjoys while married. So how do these decisions affect what happens should a couple divorce?

When a couple in Kentucky divorces, it may be the case that one spouse will have to pay alimony to the other spouse. There is not a specific alimony chart in Kentucky, as there is in other states, so the court will consider various factors when determining an alimony award. For this reason, alimony awards can vary greatly from case to case.

It is only understandable that both spouses may want to maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed while married after they divorce. When determining an alimony award, it is important that neither spouse is placed in an unsustainable financial situation. The line between paying a fair amount of alimony and an unfair amount of alimony is subjective, and many spouses may have different opinions about what is considered fair in such situations.

Therefore, when it comes to awarding alimony, it is a good idea to have an advocate by your side that can represent your interests, so that an appropriate alimony award can be reached. The information about alimony on attorney Winner Law Group, LLC's website can provide Kentucky spouses seeking a divorce with information on the state's alimony laws.