Could your cellphone be used against you in your divorce?

People throughout the state of Kentucky rely on their cellphones for a variety of things each day. The handheld computer enables its users to not only communicate with others, but also provides access to information in mere seconds via search engines and multiple apps. While cellphones provide users with a great convenience, in some circumstances they also collect private information the user of the device may not want shared.

Tracking Software

Both Android, as well as Apple, devices contain software that tracks where you are every day. Though it is possible to turn the tracking off, many are likely not even aware it is happening in the first place. Depending on what you are doing with your time, the information collected could be problematic. The program tracks the following:

  • Time
  • Dates
  • The length of time spent at a destination

Information May Be Used As Evidence

The digital evidence gathered via this program called "frequent locations" could be of interest to several parties. In addition to being helpful to law enforcement in certain criminal investigations, it could also be of use in working through family law matters related to divorce, such as alimony and child custody. If the things you do and the places you go are contrary to what you claim while trying to secure alimony or custody, it is possible the information could be used against you.

Divorce and related matters are generally complex. There are many factors that need to be addressed that the average person going through the process is likely unaware of. Working with a lawyer who understands these complexities can make the entire process easier and could lead to a better outcome. Attorney Winner Law Group, LLC knows what people in the midst of a divorce are up against. Available online or by phone at 888-810-7977, contact him to learn more about what you should be aware of when divorcing.