What are some common types custody and visitation arrangements?

When couples in Kentucky with children decide to divorce or separate, a child custody and visitation arrangement will need to be created. Sometimes parents enjoy joint custody, where the child lives with each parent for roughly an equal amount of time. This might work out if the parents live within close proximity of each other, can work together on amicable terms and if it will not unduly disrupt the child's life.

However, sometimes one parent will have sole custody of the child while the other person will have visitation rights. There are a number of arrangements that can be made with regard to visitation rights. For example, a parent might have visitation with his or her child every other weekend, generally beginning Friday night and extending through Sunday. A parent might also have the child for dinnertime on a weeknight.

In addition, a parent might have visitation for half of the child's major breaks from school, such as winter vacation or spring vacation. With regard to summer vacation, a parent might have visitation for anywhere from two to six weeks, or even more depending on the situation. Finally, parents might decide to alternate major holidays. For example, one parent might have the child at Thanksgiving one year while the other has the child at Christmas that same year, alternating holidays every-other year.

These are only a few ways visitation can be established between a parent and his or her child after a divorce or separation. In the end, decisions regarding child custody and visitation should be made in a way that is in the best interests of the child. Those with questions about how child custody and visitation arrangements are made may want to reach out to a Kentucky divorce attorney for advice.