How Young is Too Young for Joint Custody?

Family counselors and child psychologists widely agree that joint custody is typically a boon for a child. The ability for both parents to spend parenting time with their kids can establish a stable familial groundwork after a divorce, reaffirming the children that things will be okay despite the initial upset. For this reason, joint custody is heavily favored by family law courts in all states, but it is not always the best option, especially if a child of divorce is quite young.

Why a Child’s Age Can Affect Custody Orders

Joint physical custody means a child will need to move between homes quite regularly. Some shared parenting time schedules are simple, like one parent one week and the other parent the next. Sometimes it is divided into weekends and weekdays alternating between parents. No matter how the custody schedule is arranged, it will probably involve a child having two rooms, a constantly-packed suitcase, and the general feeling of being shuffled around and traded between parents.

Older children and teenagers are likely to understand the necessity of joint custody and adapt to the shuffle. Young kids may not. You and your ex-spouse must consider the age and maturity of your child carefully when considering child custody agreements. Even if you both want joint custody, it might not be what is right for your little one. Furthermore, if the court suspects that your child will be stressed out by moving frequently between two homes, it might shut down your shared custody agreement without your input anyway.

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