The Most Common Reasons for a Divorce

Divorce is no longer the anomaly it once was; in fact, it is, unfortunately, quite common. Of course, no one gets married with the thought that they will one day get divorced, so how is it that so many blissful beginnings end with such dramatic splits? There are more reasons than you might think and, though some of them might seem obvious, others could surprise you.

Below is a list of some of the most common reasons couples get divorced:

  1. They got married for the wrong reasons: Sometimes an ending is inevitable if the beginning was never built on a solid foundation. If you are marrying for superficial reasons like money or simply because it seems like the next step you should make, chances are your marriage is doomed before it will ever really have the chance to take off. Marry for the right reasons and you two just might be able to stand the test of time.
  1. No individual identity: co-dependency is not the way to go about having a healthy marriage. You and your spouse both need to have your own interests and the opportunity to express yourself outside of the relationship or you will begin to lose all sense of personal identity. When you start finding yourself in a position where you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing things without your spouse or you are unsure what your own interests are, you might begin to feel like you are drowning without understanding why. Avoid letting yourself get to this point.
  1. You got lost in your roles: When you got married, you probably fell out of touch with your single friends and lost touch with your single self. If you also added children to the equation, you might have also forgotten your roles as spouses and focused primarily on your roles as parents. Unfortunately, this can cause spouses to heavily drift apart and forget why they ever got married.
  1. A lack of shared vision: There are a lot of things you might overlook while you are dating that might become real problems once you are married. Perhaps you now realize that he is a spender and you are a saver, or you both have competing ideas of what a fun getaway together entails. Once you begin really taking stock of all the differences in your relationship, you wonder if the marriage can survive at all.
  1. Lack of intimacy: It is fairly expected that a relationship will naturally endure some subtle changes here and there, even in the intimacy department. Sometimes one partner might not feel too well or there is a misunderstanding and, somewhere down the road, it might become apparent to both spouse that they have become intimately estranged, which could lead to one or both partners feeling unloved or even unappreciated. If no one makes an effort to address this, it could ultimately end in divorce.
  1. Financial issues: This does not necessarily mean you and your spouse are having trouble with your finances. Financial issues also refer to a lack of financial compatibility. If one spouse is focused on the future while the other only wants to live for today, this can eventually wear on the marriage until divorce seems like the only suitable solution.
  1. Different interests: While it is absolutely important to have your own interests and identities, having shared interests is also an essential component of a successful marriage. Without any common passions or priorities, you and your spouse will eventually drift apart and feel like strangers to one another.
  1. Inability to resolve conflict: No one gets along 100% of the time. Having disagreements is natural and expected, but it is how partners deal with their disagreements that can make or break a marriage. It is important to establish some ground rules that allow each partner to feel respected and heard. Otherwise, the accumulation of poorly handled conflicts and hurt feelings will end their marriage one day.

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