How Remarriage in Kentucky Affects Alimony & Child Support

Once a divorce is finalized, it is not uncommon for one or both parties to remarry a few years—or a few months—later down the road. It is important to understand that remarriage can affect several aspects of a divorce decree, including alimony and child support.

How Remarriage Affects Spousal Support Obligations

When a supported spouse remarries, alimony automatically ends. However, it is possible that some divorce orders—such as lump sum alimony—or a recipient spouse’s disability allow spousal support to continue after remarriage.

If a supported spouse moves in with a new lover, the paying spouse may seek spousal support modification. The alimony arrangement may be adjusted by the financial assistance he/she receives due to the new living situation.

By contrast, when a paying spouse remarries, their alimony obligation will still continue. In rare instances, remarriage of a paying spouse may be grounds for modification, only if he/she is unable to meet his/her own financial needs while paying spousal maintenance.

How Remarriage Affects Child Support Obligations

In most cases, remarriage doesn’t have an impact on child support payments. Both parents have a continuing responsibility to provide support for their kids.

However, a new spouse’s income can be considered when it comes to child support modification due to the new spouse’s income or household contributions. A court can consider each parent’s income and basic expenses when determining is modification is appropriate. So if a custodial parent is spending less money on the household since the new spouse significantly helps with those costs, the paying spouse may seek modification.

If a paying parent remarries and has a child, Kentucky law allows a reduction in child support.

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