Can My Child’s Extracurricular Activities Affect Child Support?

Who Pays for Your Child’s Activities After Divorce?

If your child is involved in after-school activities, costs can add up quickly. You may be wondering if these extracurricular costs can be included in your child support.  While there is no specific legal requirement for child support to cover these costs, many courts will rule for a modification of child support from the non-custodial parent to account for extraordinary costs outside the normal amount. If you are paying for all of your child’s extracurricular activities while also paying child support, you may be entitled to a modification. Attorneys at Winner Law Group, LLC can help you figure out if you should fight to pay less, or request more, depending on your circumstances and your child’s activities. 

It’s expensive to raise kids, especially as a single parent, so let the Louisville child support lawyers at Winner Law Group, LLC help make it easier.  

What Expenses Count?

Some extracurricular activities are more expensive than others.  It pays to write down all of the anticipated and concrete expenses that go into your child’s activities each year and to keep all receipts if you have access to them.  This total can then be evaluated with regard to your income and child support amount to see if an adjustment or modification is applicable.

Extracurricular costs may include:

  • Uniforms, shoes, helmets, supplies, warm-up wear
  • Entry fees for the club or association
  • Monthly fees for classes/meetings
  • Travel costs: airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • Extra private lessons or extra classes for skill improvement
  • Cost of parent participation, including entry costs for events
  • End-of-season celebration costs

When you consider the costs of yearly activities, it can add up quickly.  If your child plays a sport or does an activity that requires travel, this can amount to thousands of dollars each year.  Why wouldn’t that be considered during your divorce or in your child support?  Let the team at Winner Law Group, LLC help with your child support arrangement or modification so you are not left on your own with these payments.

Louisville Child Support Attorney

If your child’s extracurricular activities have changed, you may be able to include those costs in the calculation of your child support.  Some after-school activities can be expensive, but an attorney can evaluate your child support to see if there’s a way to offset those costs with a modified child support agreement.  It pays to have a professional Louisville child support attorney review your case for any changes that might be possible.

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