Entertainment Litigation: Do You Need a Lawyer?

When You Need a Professional by Your Side

The world of entertainment is in an age of transformation.  With so many artists emerging from different social media platforms and production ranging from television shows, cable, online and live, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your business endeavor. The team of entertainment attorneys at Winner Law Group, LLC has experience in both California and New York, two of biggest entertainment capitals in the U.S.  

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Why You Might Need an Entertainment Lawyer

If you are wondering what might warrant the need for an entertainment lawyer, there are a few situations that point to yes. 

Do any of the following apply to your situation?

  • You are negotiating a contract or entering into a contract
  • Your intellectual property was stolen
  • You feel there has been an invasion of privacy
  • You believe someone has violated an existing contract
  • You need to figure out publication or distribution rights

If you have concerns about your rights, trademarks, or copyright issues, or any of the above concerns, it is time to speak with one of the seasoned entertainment lawyers at the law firm of Winner Law Group, LLC.  Litigation law, with respect to entertainment, is specific to disputes that have escalated beyond the use of mediation or that are anticipated to necessitate a more aggressive approach to handling the situation.  Whatever your situation requires, the team at Winner Law Group, LLC has the confidence to face it head-on.

Louisville Entertainment Litigation Attorney

Some circumstances require the knowledge of a professional, seasoned attorney to be handled efficiently and correctly. This is typically the case with entertainment law situations.  If you believe someone has stolen your intellectual property, invaded your privacy or any number of other entertainment-related issues, the law firm of Winner Law Group, LLC are here to offer counsel and help.  With a history of entertainment litigation practice in New York and California, the team has the experience you need when protecting your business or idea within the realm of the entertainment industry. 

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