Celebrity divorce highlights importance of prenuptial agreements

While some celebrity marriages often end quickly in divorce, there are still important lessons that can be learned when a high-profile couple decides to divorce. Kentucky residents may have heard that actress Kaley Cuoco of the hit television show “The Big Bang Theory” has finalized her divorce from her ex, Ryan Sweeting, a former professional tennis player. The couple married in 2013 and broke up over seven months ago. Their marriage lasted approximately 21 months.

The couple did have a prenuptial agreement in place. Per the prenup, all the income Cuoco made is protected. According to reports, she entered into a $72 million contract with the sitcom shortly after marrying Sweeting. Per the prenup, she will retain all of this income. She will also keep the couple’s house in Los Angeles, as well as a Santa Barbara beach house.

She will make two lump sum payments to Sweeting totaling $165,000. She is also required to pay attorneys fees amounting to $55,000. She will also cover the cost for Sweeting’s two personal trainers, amounting to $195,000. Sweeting will also retain any gift certificates and cash that he has.

This situation illustrates the importance of having a prenuptial agreement in place. A prenuptial agreement can protect each party’s interests and can make property division easier should the marriage end in divorce. This may be especially true for high-asset couples, who may have significant earnings and investments prior to getting married and do not want to see these assets divided during a divorce. That being said, prenuptial agreements may be valuable no matter what your wealth is. To learn more about prenuptial agreements in Kentucky, it may help to obtain legal advice.