What laws take effect when a Kentucky parent relocates overseas?

Previously on this blog we discussed the U.S. State Department's role in international child custody disputes. However, attorneys, including attorneys in Kentucky, can also play a role in helping parents whose child has been abducted overseas by the other parent.

It is not unusual for a parent to move to another city or even another state with his or her child after a divorce. However, moving to another country entirely presents a host of complex issues. In addition, such moves can be quite emotional, especially for the parent being left behind. This is especially true if one parent takes the child to another country in violation of a court order, or without first obtaining written consent from the other parent.

Unfortunately, there are not specific laws regarding international child custody relocation cases in Kentucky. However, when it comes to international abduction situations, there is an international law in place that may help return the child to their home country, in some circumstances, known as the Hague Convention. That being said, not every nation is a party to this convention. Many European nations are, though, as is Israel, in addition to some countries in Africa and South America. That being said, if a country is not a party to the Hague Convention and a parent removes his or her child to one of those countries in violation of a court-ordered child custody plan, enforcing that order can be difficult.

That is why it is important to seek experienced help when facing an international child custody dispute. Attorney Louis Winner has helped parents learn about their options in such situations. Gaining knowledge is often the first step in exercising one's rights. Attorney Louis Winner's website may provide parents in this difficult situation with more information about international child custody issues.