Record keeping and spousal support in Kentucky

When a couple in Kentucky divorces, it is often prudent to be prepared. This includes being prepared for the possibility that a dispute may arise over the amount paid. Sometimes, the receiving spouse may claim that they did not receive the full amount owed. Other times, the paying spouse may dispute such allegations, or even believe they paid too much. In some circumstances, too, the Internal Revenue Service may investigate how much alimony was paid, if there is a discrepancy between what each spouse reported on their taxes.

First of all, the person paying spousal support should maintain documentation that shows the dates of the payments he or she made. This includes listing the place where the payments were sent, recording check numbers and keeping copies of checks that were cashed. When paying by check, it is helpful to note in the check's memo spot the month of the payment and that the payment is for spousal support. If paying by cash, it can be a good idea for the paying spouse to retain a receipt that lists the month the payment was made. It is important to save this information for several years, in case one is subject to an audit by the IRS or should one's ex make a legal claim that spousal support wasn't paid.

The receiving spouse should also keep certain records regarding payments, in case of a tax audit or should their ex challenge such payments in court. The receiving spouse should keep records of when he or she received a payment for spousal support along with the check numbers. It may also be useful to keep copies of the checks received or copies of signed receipts if a spousal support payment was made in cash.