Prenuptial agreements in Kentucky -- not just for asset division

When a relationship is new and a couple is in love -- it seems strange to talk about divorce. However, according to most recent divorce statistics, this is a conversation every couple contemplating marriage should have. Prenuptial agreements can designate how to divide assets and debts. More importantly, prenuptial agreements can encourage complete honesty and open communication between couples.

Traditionally prenuptial agreements are thought of as a way to prepare for the financial division during divorce. It is true that prenuptial agreements are a great tool for discussing how to later divide assets and debts that each has brought into the marriage and other property that they may foster together. There is no denying that a contract outlining financial division specifications is helpful during the divorce process. But there is another side to prenuptial agreements that few think about, and that's the benefit of discussing debts and assets before marriage.

Believe it or not, some married couples have not had a discussion about the debts they may have brought into the marriage. A prenuptial agreement would have forced the couple to discuss where their assets were at before getting married and this could help with disagreements later on in the marriage. Another unknown benefit related to prenuptial agreements is that the couple can discuss non-financial aspects like what religion to raise their children. It is best to have these conversations when you are in love -- not when you are going through a divorce.

The great part about a prenuptial agreement is that it gives engaged couples a platform to discuss financial and non-financial aspects of the marriage before going through with it. Prenuptial agreements can outline most anything a couple wishes to agree on before marriage, which can actually bring them closer together. Maybe prenuptial agreements aren't so bad after all.