Signs that divorce may be on the horizon

The end of a marriage may not be caused by a sudden destructive event. In some cases, couples in Kentucky may find that their marriage slowly degrades over time. However, there are certain behaviors that may signal that one's marriage is at an end.

One serious situation is if one's partner abuses the other or their children. Abuse can be physical, mental, emotional or financial. Any of these situations can put a person in significant danger. The abuser could come from an abused home and may persistently repeat the pattern of abuse they learned. Drug or gambling addictions or gang activity could also put a spouse and their children in danger. If these behaviors continue and one's partner refuses to seek help regarding it, it may be time to end the relationship.

In addition, in some situations a spouse habitually hides information or lies about important matters. This can be especially destructive to high-asset couples, particularly if one spouse lies about money or attempts to hide marital property. This can both leave a spouse in a financial bind and breed mistrust. Each spouse in a high-asset relationship should have a complete understanding of the person's property, assets and net worth. The failure to be honest with regards to these items could signal the end of a marriage.

Another behavior that could end a marriage is infidelity. If a person persistently and continuously remains unfaithful in the marriage, it may be best to divorce. Also, sometimes spouses simply find that their respective life paths are heading in different directions. When this results in a total lack of support, divorce may be the best option.

These are only some reasons why a couple may decide to divorce. While it may not be an easy decision to make, many spouses may ultimately find that divorce is in their best interests.