How can parents help kids move forward after a divorce?

When it comes to divorce, most parents in Kentucky want to help their children get through what can be a tough time as best as possible. Children need to feel able to stay connected to each of their parents in a loving fashion without feeling guilty or left behind, so they can continue to grow and thrive. Here are some tips for parents to help their children adjust after a divorce.

First and foremost, don't speak negatively about one's ex-spouse to the children. Children should not feel like they have to choose sides. Instead, work out any conflicts away from the children. Similarly, don't try to use the children as a means to find out what one's ex-spouse is up to.

In addition, avoid talking to the children about money worries or other adult concerns. Children who are already reeling from their parent's separation do not need the added stress of situations they cannot control.

Although children may have to get used to a new custody and visitationschedule, parents should try not to change the child's routines. This could help children understand that they can move forward in a secure fashion after a divorce. Parents should try not to alter their parenting styles after a divorce. Spoiling the kids with gifts or privileges they may otherwise not have, such as a later bedtime, can lead to a sense of insecurity in children.

Also, letting children phone their noncustodial parent or contact them in other ways may give them a sense of security. In addition, parents should make sure that both of them are in the loop about the child's activities. If a parent's relationship with their ex-spouse is so toxic that they cannot interact, seeking the help of a mediator or therapist may be helpful. Therapy could also benefit children who are struggling to cope after their parents' separation.

These are only some suggestions about how parents can help their kids after a divorce. Parents who want more information about how divorce may affect their children and what they can do about it may want to discuss the matter with a professional.