Helping Spouses Uncover Hidden Assets in a Divorce

Dividing property after a divorce in Kentucky is not as simple as it may seem. There are many assets to consider that go far beyond a house, furniture and automobiles. Other marital property, such as stocks, bonds, retirement accounts and bank accounts are all subject to division during a divorce. Spouses must lay all their assets out on the table in order to fully divide them fairly. This is not always easy if a divorce is contentious, intense and volatile.

Unfortunately, some spouses in a heated divorce stoop to unscrupulous practices and attempt to hide assets and launder money. They may do so as an act of revenge or for their own personal gain. Whatever the reason, it is important to uncover hidden assets in a divorce. Hidden assets may include investments, financial accounts and undervalued property.

If you believe your ex is hiding assets in a divorce, you may want to seek legal help. Attorney Louis Paz Winner has years of experience in helping uncover hidden assets. He has a background in white collar crime and is familiar with the ways a spouse will attempt to hide assets from his or her ex-spouse. Conversely, he may be able to determine that it is not very probable that a spouse is hiding assets.

Spouses may have questions about property division, particularly if they are concerned that their ex-spouses are concealing assets. Concealing assets is never a wise choice and will only lead to problems down the road. However, if you believe your spouse is concealing an asset from you, it may be wise to seek the help you need to uncover this asset. The following webpage on hiding assets in a divorce may be a good source of information on this topic.