Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce will be challenging for children to cope with no matter what you do. Coming to terms with the fact that their parents will no longer be together can be an earth-shattering experience that will require some time to heal and cope. As parents, you and your former spouse can help make this journey easier for them, so they can healthily adjust to the changes brought on by your divorce.

Tips to Make the Healing Process Easier

Regardless of the unresolved issues you may have with your former spouse, it is crucial for the two of you to work together to help your children process this and move forward.

Consider some of the following tips:

- Make sure your children know they are loved: Your love for your children is something you would never doubt, but in the aftermath of a divorce, they may not feel so certain. Reassure them of your love and commitment to them by showing up for them and keeping your word.

- Encourage them to talk about their feelings: It may be difficult for your children to open up about their feelings, so try to offer some encouragement and create an environment in which they feel comfortable to do so. When your children feel empowered enough to express themselves it can help relieve stress and frustration.

- Be flexible when you can: If you and your former spouse are unwilling to be flexible with the visitation schedule, this can create a lot of tension during an already difficult time. Whenever possible, try to work together to make your life easier for your children. Doing so will also foster some goodwill in your co-parenting relationship.

- Let your children express their disappointment: The healing process can be ugly and some days will be harder than others. Allow your children to feel and express their disappointment without judgment.

Although the aftermath of your divorce will be difficult for your children, you and your co-parent can get them through it with some reassurance, guidance, and extra care.

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