Child Custody Challenges During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything any of us have ever faced. Many people across the country are now unemployed and children must engage in remote learning or a hybrid that also involves some in-classroom learning. If you are a divorced parent, the challenges you are facing are likely even more amplified or altogether new.

To reduce your children’s anxieties, you should do your best to work with your co-parent to adjust to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is still crucial to do everything reasonably possible to comply with the current child custody order.

Co-Parenting Amidst a Pandemic

With every state, including Kentucky, in some form of lockdown due to the pandemic, it may be far more difficult than usual for divorced parents to stick to their visitation schedule. One parent might be better prepared to provide daily supervision while the other might have a bigger yard for the kids to run around and overcome the struggles of home confinement. If one parent is an essential worker, the other might have concerns for the health and safety of their child.

Given all the variables and concerns parents likely have at this time, it is even more reason for them to be more flexible or even consider renegotiating the details of their visitation schedule. Moreover, keep in mind that, if you do make formal modifications to your child custody order, they may only be temporary and change back once this crisis passes.

Here are some tips that will help you overcome the challenges you may be facing:

- Communicate more frequently with your co-parent.

- Have a conversation with your co-parent regarding safe practices and what you consider risky behavior.

- Be patient with your co-parent and your children.

- Do what you can to shield your children from conflicts between you and your former spouse. Overhearing arguments during this stressful time can make this situation even more overwhelming for them.

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