When can a parent relocate with the person's child in Kentucky?

Life is rarely static; indeed it is ever-evolving. Many parents in Kentucky these days find that, whether it is due to a job change, to be closer to family or for a variety of other reasons, that they want to relocate to a city or state other than that where the child currently lives. However, this raises a number of child custody legal issues.

When it comes to child relocation, the current laws have recently been significantly revised. In general, if a parent wishes to relocate with the person's child, the parent must seek approval from the court and must provide the child's other parent with the necessary notice. When it comes to child relocation, the facts of each parent's case are different; therefore, the court will examine each case based on the unique facts of that case.

When it comes to the notice requirement, if a parent that has joint custody of the person's child and wants to relocate with that child, the person must provide the court with notice in writing and must serve the other parent with such notice. In any case, both parents have the right to move the court for a modification of custody within 20 days after serving the other parent with notice. If a parent has sole custody of the child and serves the non-custodial parent with notification in writing that the parent wishes to relocate with the child, the non-custodial parent has 20 days in which to challenge the request if the parent does not agree with it.

This is only a very basic overview of child relocation in Kentucky and should not serve as the basis of legal action or be regarded as legal advice. Instead, parents who want to relocate with their child should seek the advice of a Kentucky family law attorney. For example, attorney Winner Law Group, LLC has provided many family law services to parents in Kentucky. Whether the parent seeks to relocate with the person's child or simply seeks a modification of an existing child custody order, parents in Kentucky have legal options that they can explore with the assistance of a dedicated attorney. Child relocation cases can be complex -- don't try to handle them alone.